Tuesday, October 9, 2007

oh. you got a new outfit.

A while ago I bought this hip new outfit. I was nervous about it. I'm really not very hip. Hip, no. Hippy, yes. Hippie, not really. Hippo, I hope not.
I wanted to get Katie's approval on it before I wore it in public, but alas, she moved! Finally, I showed it to Mom and Liz, and they said it was ok, it wasn't too young, I didn't look too ridiculous. Still apprehensive, I wore it in public.
Everywhere I went, people complimented me on my outfit -- at the orthodontists, the mall, primary presidency meeting, and even at lunch with my in-laws. I never get compliments like that.

I have been trying to analyze it,to figure out what is
so appealing about this cheap outfit.
In trying to figure this phenomenon out, I mentioned the outfit's popularity to Mom and Liz.
Mom said "Well, you do look so cute in it." (Thanks Mom)

Liz said, "It could be people were so aghast at it, that they couldn't think of anything else to say, and so they LIED."
And then, realizing what she just said, she lamely added
"or else they wish they could look as cute as you in leggings."

(Yes, it was her birthday and she was feeling over-worked, grumpy, tired, and smelled like a campfire, but really, is that any excuse?)

What do you think?
Hip? Or horrible?
Feel free to vote in my poll. But only if you have something nice to say. Liz.


Kate said...

Oh what sexy legs you have! I like it, you look so hip!

Liz said...

If I could think of some sort of witty retort, I would write it here. Of course, tomorrow I would check your blog and find my words willfully and slanderously misinterpreted, further blackening my good name. So I'm just not going to say anything at all.

Liz said...

P.S. I think you should add one more category to your survey. It should read:

Now Marianne, you're just being catty.

the lunch lady said...

Now Lizzie, don't be missish . . .

the lunch lady said...

Ok. Who was skewing the poll? I know there aren't 11 people reading my blog.

D.Johnson said...

I think you need to take advice of your readers and fix your necklace.