Thursday, October 22, 2009

super fan

The Oldest Carrotstick has discovered a latent love for the game of football.She has been to more football games this fall than she ever has in her entire life. (I would say she's watched more football, but that would be an untruth.) She has attended varsity football games at each of the three high schools in our area, and even a number of the freshman football games.

Doesn't it seem odd then that she turned down PB&J's extra BYU Football tickets to the last home game?

What is it about this: that is so much more interesting to her than this?

I wonder. ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

today's secret ingredient:

This weekend has been very low key. And that's nice. Yesterday we watched 4 hours of General Conference (yay!) And the since I wasn't feeling very well, I also watched way too many hours of the Iron Chef Marathon of a previous season's reruns. It was awesome. Real chefs can create amazing feats of wonder with the weirdest ingredients. Probably the strangest concoction was Catfish and Grape Truffles. Though the host (Alton Brown) cautioned the judge not to throw up, she said it was surprisingly ok. I have my doubts.

The Oldest Carrotstick didn't complain too much about my Iron Chef obsession. She even watched some of it with me, and her eyes were opened a little to the world of haute cuisine.

Today, we watched Conference and had dinner at my mom and dad's. (It was yummy in a very non-catfish truffle sort-of-way.) When Conference was at last over, we packed up our stuff to head home. But before we left, she raided the pantry and grabbed some jerky for the ride home.

In the car, happily munching on her jerky and listening to her iPod, she paused for a second to ask me a question.

"Mom, what kind of bird is a Teriyaki?"

Me: "What?"

OC: "A Teriyaki. Is it like a chicken?"

Me: "Do you mean Pterodactyl? It's a bird-like dinosaur."

OC: "No, Teriyaki. Like Teriyaki Jerky... What kind of bird is that?"

This weekend, thanks to the Iron Chef, the Oldest Carrotstick and I were exposed to a world full of exotic foods -- frog legs, quail eggs, and now: the little known Teriyaki Bird. Dodo? Or perhaps the elusive Teriyaki?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a rose by any other name

I just saw this on a blog:It's called F@t E1vis.

You can buy it here.

I would order it because of the awesome name. And also because its banana/chocolate chip/peanut butter fudge flavored. How could it not be awesome?

But really I just love the name. Even though I don't love fat E1vis.

The Littlest Carrotstick wants to be E1vis for Halloween. I haven't shown him any pictures of the King yet.

I wonder which incarnation he'll choose. This one . . .

or this one?

I'm afraid I'd still choose the cakey one.