Thursday, October 1, 2009

a rose by any other name

I just saw this on a blog:It's called F@t E1vis.

You can buy it here.

I would order it because of the awesome name. And also because its banana/chocolate chip/peanut butter fudge flavored. How could it not be awesome?

But really I just love the name. Even though I don't love fat E1vis.

The Littlest Carrotstick wants to be E1vis for Halloween. I haven't shown him any pictures of the King yet.

I wonder which incarnation he'll choose. This one . . .

or this one?

I'm afraid I'd still choose the cakey one.

1 comment:

DailyFamily said...

I know a boy here who is really into Elvis...this kid is 8 and his WHOLE bedroom is decorated in vintage Elvis stuff. How do kids even know who elvis is?