Wednesday, March 10, 2010

get a life?

The other day I read this quote. It was really good, and I felt like it applied to some things the Oldest Carrotstick was going through. I read it to her, and she liked it and asked me if I would type it up for her so she could stick in on her mirror. Like any mom would, I agreed.

And since I have been going through my photo archives getting pictures printed and generally catching up on the past two years of life in snapshots, I knew I had this great picture of an African Daisy that I had taken two years ago -- which is pretty much one of my favorite flowers because I love the purple/orange combo.

And I thought, "I think I will put that quote on that picture of the daisy." Cuz I love photoshop and all. So I did.

It looks like this:

Nice, right?

Last night, I went and got a yogurt with one of my Laurels. As we chatted, something she said reminded me of this quote. At the end of our yogurt date, I told her I had a little something for her. I ran in the house, grabbed a copy of the daisy quote that I had just printed up in triplicate, and gave it to her.

It was at that moment that I realized I am a freak.

Who in the world makes handouts just for fun?

Anyone willing to do an intervention?

(Just step away from the computer, Sister Lunch.)

But if it means releasing me from my calling, please don't bother.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

some people would call that a tender mercy-

I am not saying any names- just that "some" people would.

I don't think you need an intervention- you are perfectly in tune.

Jeanne said...

Does that really make you a freak or just a very inspired young women's leader?

(I think the latter.)

the lunch lady said...

All of the sudden I feel so validated!!!!

Blogging, why did I ever forsake you?

But seriously, thank you for your kind words. And for putting things in perspective for me.