Sunday, December 9, 2007

getting crafty

Oh the sad strange little things you can find on the web. Especially on wikiHow. It is amazing!

But it has also inspired me. Here is a little something I thought I might make for neighbor gifts this year.

If you decide to create some for your own friends and family, please heed the warning at the end of the instructions: "This may not be appropriate to bring to church services or more formal occasions. Please be aware that some people may be offended by this bag, and be tactful."

I think I heard somewhere that Martha Stewart was going to demo this in an upcoming show. Just remember, you saw it here first.


Liz said...

My, what cunning little purses! If I move in next door to you, will you promise to make those as neighbor gifts?

Liz said...

Another thought: Are you supposed to you use your old bras (reduce, reuse, recycle)or would that be considered faux pas?

the lunch lady said...

I think you'd have to be careful about who you give your recycled utilitarian plain white purses, and who you give your lacy red purses.

I'd like to hear Mean Bag Lady's comments when you walk by with one of those over your shoulder.

Nanette said...

Do you have our name next year? I know what I'm getting! Blue lacy would be better than red lacy please

the lunch lady said...

I'll keep that in mind!