Thursday, January 3, 2008

finally coming off the holiday high

The holidays are finally over.

The kids are back to school.

PB&J's back to work.

I've shopped all the after Christmas sales.

And all that remains is to clean everything up, put away all the Christmas decorations, purge, and organize all the junk.

And purge. And purge. And purge some more.

This purging is meant to be all encompassing.

I guess that means I'd better throw away all the Christmas candy. And go through sugar detox. And swear off sweets, and possibly all carbs, for the next 11 months. But boy, we did have some good eats.

And then it starts all over again.

What was the best part of your holidays?


Nanette said...

I hear you! Unfortunately, valentine's Day and Easter are just around the corner! a

the lunch lady said...

and if you don't believe if, easter stuff is appearing on the shelves of the stores. thank goodness retailers are giving us three whole months to prepare!

Liz said...

Thank goodness-er that I don't care about those holidays. Well, I guess I like Easter, but holidays are much simpler without kids. Maybe Derek and I will decorate Valentine boxes this year...