Wednesday, January 16, 2008

fast food nation?

This weekend, Mr. Beaver Mountain and his Lovely Knock-Kneed Assistant
introduced the Carrot Sticks
to Pizza and French Fries.

Not that.
This -- nice, cold Pizza ...

and French Fries ...

It was a beautiful day, and it was fun to watch the kids having fun and learning from the pros. If you have any doubts about their skills, check out this (as an added bonus, you can also see the littlest Carrot Stick in action)

Maybe some day, the Carrot Sticks will have those kinds of skills.

Till then, as Mr. Beaver Mountain says,

"If you french fry
when you're supposed to pizza,
you're gonna have a bad time!"

I, very obligingly, proved his point several times.

I ate a lot of snow.
It did not taste like pizza or french fries.

Thank you anyway, Mr. Beaver Mountain and Lovely Assistant, for a great day!


Liz said...

You really shouldn't publicly make fun of other people's differences. Knock-Kneed, sheesh.

We are so glad you brought the whole luch sack up for skiing! We had so much fun and can't wait to ski with you all again. That really does include YOU, too; eating snow is all part of the game.

Nanette said...

How fun!

D.Johnson said...

Mr. Beaver Mtn. likes it! When are we going again?

the lunch lady said...

we are ready whenever you are!

the lunch lady said...
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