Thursday, January 17, 2008

happy anniversary!

My little sister (Lovely Knock-Kneed Assistant) and her husband (Mr. Beaver Mtn.)
((I guess that technically makes her Mrs. Beaver Mtn. -- but Knock Kneed Assistant is ever-so-much-more picturesque))
recently celebrated their anniversary. I found this picture on Flickr the other day, and it really represents everything I could wish for them in their marriage. So--

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Beaver Mtn, may your romance last a long, long time!


Liz said...

Wow, that is so, um, sweet.

That picture reminded me of a couple, probably in their late 50s, I saw walking through a department store. The lingerie dept. was having a big sale and had all of their bras and panties out in bins on tables. The couple stopped and the wife looked through some of the bras, and then the husband pulled out a really full-sized lacy bra and said, "Remeber those days?" The wife nodded in agreement and then they walked off.

Nanette said...

The couple pictured was probably just picking out a cute lacy purse for the wife's birthday.

the lunch lady said...

Of course!