Tuesday, January 22, 2008

who's in charge here?

I overheard this exchange between the Oldest Carrot Stick and her friend this afternoon:

Carrot Stick: "So, you know Olivia Stone*?"

Friend: "Yeah"

CS: "She's so cute! She's just adorable! You know she's going out with Josh Groovan?

F: "No way!"

CS: "Yeah, she doesn't really want to. I asked her why she doesn't just break up with him, and she said she can't, 'cause Ty Binder is in charge."

F: "Oh"



The conversation quickly went onto a new, seemingly random tangent full of giggling and "oh my gosh!" and a few "he's so cute!!" But I lagged behind, stuck wondering "Why is Ty Binder in charge?" I don't know. And I guess I just wouldn't understand, because I'm not in junior high.

(apparently Josh asked Ty to ask Olivia out because he thinks Olivia is hot and Olivia told Ty to tell Josh yes she would go out with him even though she doesn't really like him and now she would break up with him except that Ty said she can't because Josh really likes her but Josh and Olivia don't really even talk so what the point is I don't know but this is sure a long rambling sentence devoid of all punctuation and thank goodness Olivia does everything Ty says because he is in charge of everything after all and all I can say is thank goodness I am not twelve anymore.)

However, I am still trying to figure out why I 'm not in charge.

Really, what good is being a parent if you can't be in charge of anything?

*names have been changed to protect the innocent and the ignorant.


Kate said...

wowee, that was intense, I thought drama like that only existed on Gilmore Girls. I'm glad I'm not 12 anymore also!

Liz said...

My gym was recently remodeling the women's locker room and in the meantime diverted us to the swimteam locker room. While changing I overheard this conversation between a group of 13ish-year-olds in the shower:

Girl A: Do you guys think I could be a stipper?
Girl B: I think you COULD be a stripper, but I don't think you WOULD be a stripper.
Girl C: Yeah, but you totally COULD be a stripper.

Disturbing, I know.

Nan said...

Oh my goodness... this reminded me of 7th grade... and my first boyfriend. LOL Too funny.