Sunday, January 6, 2008

i heart photoshop

Photoshop is the best!
I love it when I can make a simple little job into something big and monstrous, with a life of its own.
Take your run-of-the-mill hum-drum boring old Relief Society lesson schedule. Add a few hours of messing around in photoshop. Presto: the new (and improved) Relief Society lesson schedule/bookmark -- complete with an official Joseph Smith Jr. signature and picture of the Sacred Grove in the background.
Good stuff, I tell you.
(Albeit I worry the older ladies might have to get out their magnifying glasses in order to actually read it. But sacrifices must be made for Art's sake.)
I know you wish you could come to my ward so you too could get great bookmarks like this, and my wonderful nativity handout.
You are welcome, anytime.
(I know, I know,"Who is Art, and why are we sacrificing for him?")


Sheri said...

Awe! Wonderful- wish I could have been there for the fun- oh wait- I was having my own fun following my "child" home with his new "toy" .... save me one!

Unfortunately for Murray- I will be back-

Nanette said...

Woa! You have some serious photoshop skill! I hope those ladies appreciate their nifty bookmarks even if they do have trouble reading them!
Wow! I wanna be like you!

D.Johnson said...

I see you're using your powers for evil.

The Genealogist said...

Wow! What more can I say.