Wednesday, January 30, 2008

feeling hungry?

The R.S. President asked me to make a handout for our upcoming Visiting Teaching Conference. The theme is Feed My Sheep. Here's what I came up with. Which one do YOU think I should give the R.S. President?

Number 1, Pastoral Picnic?
Number 2, Just Ewe and Me?
Number 3, Sheep and Lambs (Ear)?
Number 4, Just an Old-Fashioned Lunchtime?
Or Number 5, Trite Ad Reference?
Really #5 should say "Got Living Water?" but that could be construed as being a little irreverent.

Go ahead and vote in my poll, but hurry. I've got to get the winner made before Sunday.
Disclaimer: I'm not really serious about a couple of these. They were just fun to make.


Nanette said...

There are so many candidates running! (can I only pick one?) I vote #1 Just Ewe and me and #2 and Old-Fashioned Lunchtime--is that YOU (not ewe) in the picture?!
I love election day!

the lunch lady said...

You have good taste, Nanette. Those were the two the RS Pres picked too. And no, that is not me in that picture. My interaction with domestic farm animals is much more limited.

Kristen said...

oh, had I seen this post sooner! Any sheep pictures that you do not want may be sent to me, via Nanette. I understand that having them around the house can be distracting.

just trying to help.

I would take really good care of them. ;)

Nan said...

I love number one. Very nice! :^D