Wednesday, April 29, 2009

back atcha

In preparation for the advent of summer (which will have to come, one of these days) I bought new sunglasses today. They are red.

I think they are cute.

When the Oldest Carrotstick saw them, she laughed at me. A lot.

I still think they are cute.
However, the Oldest Carrotstick's uncontrolled mockery, laughter, and ridicule is making me wonder about how cute I think she is.

I am posting these pictures to try to remind myself that she is, in fact, cute. And sweet. And kind to others.

I am trying to remember that it is a unwritten rule that it is a teen-ager's job to mock her mother.

It is also an unwritten rule that it is a mom's job to embarrass their teen-age daughter. I think I will wear my red sunglasses, the ridiculously ugly gold floral D.I. housecoat I bought as a joke, and possibly some pink fluffy slippers when I go to pick her up from school tomorrow. And I will make sure I go right to her classroom door, and walk all the way out to the parking lot with my arm around her shoulders, as she, dying from embarrassment, looks down at the floor hoping not to be recognized by anyone she knows.


"Just doin' my job, mom. Just doin' my job."

(And why I added a caption under that picture, I have no idea. It's starting to be a frightening trend. Please excuse me. )


Allyson said...

I love shopping for summer! I say go for the sunglasses, red is a feisty color and besides half the fun of accessorizing is that you can use odd and seemingly unrelated items that don't match, but go. Ask Clinton and Stacy.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

That makes at least three drafts that I have read- and while the words of this one are awesomeness- WHERE did your photo of said glasses go?

the lunch lady said...

Head Nurse, I'm sorry that you had to read 3 versions. The first one, including the picture of said glasses, was posted from my phone whilst at the ballpark -- (because that's where we live every night of the week). And I wasn't totally happy with it -- hence the many revisions. And the accidental deletion of the glasses. Maybe I'll get brave and somehow download the picture from my phone to the computer and repost it. Maybe. And then that will be the 4th revision. Bleck!

Kellye said...

I bet your red glasses are cute. I love the evil laugh. You take some really cute pictures and the oldest carrot stick is really cute. I bet one day she will not so much being referred to as the "oldest" carrot stick. Just another thing you can use to make her life miserable. That is what we are here for. Right?

Heather said...

I think the sunglasses are cute...just like you. Silly carrotstick!

M.C.D.A. said...

put the sunglasses back up, I didn't get to see them!