Tuesday, July 21, 2009

casey up to bat

wanna know where we've been all summer?
at home.


watching baseball.

The Youngest Carrotstick has been playing:
which more often than not ended up being: which has been just a little frustrating for the Youngest Carrotstick. It has forced him to plead:

(more than once)

because he likes to hit and he wants to hit it far.
(great action shot, right?)

As the Youngest Carrotstick discovered, the amazing thing about 1st grade baseball is:

And the Youngest Carrotstick really likes to run.

He also really likes to throw baseballs.

In just two more years, he could actually be the one pitching. He's spent the last three months practicing pitching with this kid, at all of the Middle Carrotstick's baseball games. He can't wait to really pitch in a game.
But I sure can.

(I really don't like this picture. I think he looks old. Even with an orange Gatorade mustache. He looks kind of like some of the Oldest Carrotsticks punk friends. I don't want my sweet little baby boy to turn into a little punk.)

(Pretty soon he'll be shaving.)

Machine pitch isn't that bad, son. Please don't grow up.


Allyson said...

Sounds fun! You should have really great baseball stands tan by now.

Kate said...

I just want to squeeze him he is so darn cute! Only and aunt could say that.