Wednesday, July 15, 2009

handy ma'am

fyi: I survived girls camp, in case you were worried. And I even had fun! (Kind of a miracle, considering I only went to Girls Camp twice when I was a Young Woman.)

I have also survived the return home. All the camp stuff is put away, and the laundry is done. I even survived giving a last minute talk in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.

But then: Monday came, PB&J had to go out of town, and the dishwasher decided to break. Three strikes. Monday should be out. Boo.

Faced with the options of hand washing a dishwasher full of dirty dishes (eewww) and replacing yet another dishwasher (our third in 15 years), I decided to follow the example of my friends Betsy Case and Janice Cooks-Bailey (who have both singlehandedly saved their washing machines from the brink of death multiple times) and try to fix it myself.

I consulted the wisdom of the internets and found no real answer. I poured hot water and vinegar in it and let it sit overnight. Nothing. No go. The motor runs, but no water fills it. So I tried again. "Oh great internets," I pled, "please give me the solution to my problem." I looked at a highly technical dishwasher web page with lots of incomprehensible terms and links to further diagnostics. I read something about floats. I thought of the float in the toilet. Though I have never seen a black plastic ball in the dishwasher, and didn't know where a float-thing in a dishwasher might be located, but there was this weird little upside down cup-like thing at the front of the dishwasher. So I wiggled it, debated about undoing the bolt that held it down, and then decided to pour water over it. A lot of water.

Holding my breath, expecting the worst, I turned on the dishwasher, and behold! It worked!!! And I rejoiced. And I praised the internets and Al Gore. (Not really on the Al Gore part.)

Then I called PB&J.

Me: (all nonchalant) "Hey, guess what I just did."

Him: "What?"

Me: "I fixed the dishwasher."

Him: "Huh?"

Me: "Yah, I fixed it. I pulled the whole thing apart, piece by piece, laid it all out on the kitchen floor, and then single handedly studied each piece, cleaned it, sprayed it all with WD-40, and put it back together again. Even the tricky little e-lec-tronic controller part. And it then . . . it worked"

Him: (laughing) "ok, what really happened?"

Me: (a little deflated) "I poured water over some part inside the dishwasher and it came unstuck and worked."

Him: (still laughing) "Well, I guess I owe you dinner out for saving the dishwasher."

Darn right. And it'll be a nice one too, because dishwashers can be expensive.

Isn't it nice to have a handy ma'am around the house?

I'm very proud of myself, in case you can't tell.


Kate said...

oh sister, you are so tricky and very handy. Can you come fix my boredom and play with me? But in case you can't I'll be out over labor day. Clear up your busy calendar.

momtherunner said...

Way to go!!!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

LOL!!! Just don't tell- offense will be taken because you didn't let PB & J do it. Trust me- I know from experience. Fuses and disposals are apparently off limits to girls- or something like that.

Murphy Family said...

so smart... and Very HANDY... I know who to call now when I need a minor thing fixed if my dad isn't around to help. Ryan and I are not the least bit handy!

Shem said...

Sweet! :)

I am glad Girls' camp went well. Kninsa is going tonight to our's. I have been relegated to preside over the Primary in this ward. My kids think that is cool and tell everyone I am the President! I hope no one thinks I am head tripping. I'd gladly step aside for someone else.

Tell Becky I need her advice BADLY!

DailyFamily said...

Good job!

And congrats on surviving Girl's Camp. I'm not sure I would, I'm not so outdoors-y.

miranda said...

I am Impressed! I heard Girls Camp was a lot of fun!

Amber said...

I'm VERY impressed! I will call you when our dishwasher breaks.

Thanks for loving my girls! Nicki had a wonderful time at girl's camp. Trisha did too for the little bit she was out and about. But hey, she got out of the talk!