Tuesday, September 15, 2009

not-so white socks

I just got back from an evening with the ladies in my book group and I feel so energized, I think I will blog. I know. Novel. Me. Blogging. Besides that, the Oldest Carrotstick is feeling neglected by the blogosphere and my failure to document her life. So, with that preface, I will now try to catch up on Old News. (Never fear, Oldest Carrotstick. I will write about you, just not in this post.)

Remember my string of posts bemoaning red dirt and white baseball pants?


You don't?!!!!!!????!!!

I don't blame you. I bored myself.

So here's a little refresher course. Hopefully it is slightly more entertaining.

Take this guy:

Add some of this:

Throw in a few of these:

And a shot of this:

(Come on, Blue!)

(This is me, trying take pictures through a chain link fence. Some of the parents were arguing the call and asked me if I had any evidence. Unfortunately, I think if you peer into the dust you can see the shadow of the 2nd baseman's foot on the base and the Middle Carrotstick isn't quite there.)

And you'll end up with a whole lot of this:

And sometimes even
a second (consecutive) State Championship Medal!

(These pictures are making me miss summer already.)


Kate said...

of course he was safe, proof or no proof. But way to be a champ and win again. Too bad no giant trophy.

bonnie jack said...

that kid is so stinking cute.