Thursday, April 24, 2008

popcorn popping

An armful of blossoms gathering together in a wild arrangement and displayed in your home can bring that elusive Utah spring indoors, and add a delightful sweet fragrance to your living spaces.
However, choose your blooms carefully.

These, though charming,

Will leave your house smelling like this:
I just thought you ought to know.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Thanks for the warning- and I am so officially sick of winter- I think it was 40 degrees while we watched our three play soccer today-what is up with that? My tulips are up- but no blooms yet- Hope you are feeling better and I will see you this next weekend. ( ps- where did you find that disgusting picture of the fish?)

the lunch lady said...

Yes, it's true. The beautiful flowering pear trees on the south side of our house are also known as dead fish trees. Found the great pict on Flickr.