Tuesday, May 27, 2008

turning up the heat

Though Paris Hilton claims to have coined the phrase "that's hot," Junior High girls have taken HOT to all new levels. Three, to be exact.

When a junior high girl sees a cute boy, she might turn to her friend, and giggling, declare the boy to be "hot."

If he is really good looking, the heat gets turned up a notch, and the boy is branded "Hott --with two T's".

And when the boy is so incredibly cool, good looking, and to-die-for amazing that a gaggle of giggling junior high girls can only stand to gaze adoringly at him from afar, and mere words do not suffice to describe him, then that boy, my friends, is "Hot -- H.A.W.T".

And yes, it can go both ways. Girls can also be H.A.W.T. Like my sister, Farm Girl, for example.

So there you have it, the three degrees of Junior High hot-ness, courtesy of the Oldest (and the H.A.W.T-est) Carrotstick.


Melanie said...

So I'm sitting here nursing Evelyn (for hours and hours a day) and decide to do a little blog surfing. I laughed out loud at your cute stories and the fun way you tell them. I definitely think you pass for H.A.W.T., too. :) Thanks for such a fun read! Now back to cleaning the house... 3-day weekends: fun for families, not so great for houses. (Melanie von Bose)

the lunch lady said...

I totally agree -- three day weekends throw the rest of the week off (housework wise)!

Nanette said...

Nice pearly (and straight) whites!!