Wednesday, May 14, 2008

happy anniversary

PB&J and I are celebrating our anniversary this week. In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d interview him for my blog. Of course, he’s out of town, but I think I know his answers to my questions intuitively. If you’re interested, read on:

Lunch Lady: PB&J, thanks for joining us today on the Sack Lunch Conspiracy.
PB&J: Hmmm? What did you say?
LL: PB&J, please, this is a serious interview. Put down your Blackberry. You need to pay attention. We are celebrating our anniversary this week. How many years have we been married?
PB&J: Sixteen down, an eternity to go.
LL: Do you remember how old I was when we got married? Have your feelings changed at all now that you have a daughter?
PB&J: You were way too young. The Oldest Carrotstick will not date until she is 21, and then only in groups.
LL: Do you remember what our song is?
PB&J: Do we have a song?
LL: No.
LL: PB&J, there is a picture on the sidebar of this blog. Do you agree or disagree with the sentiments expressed in that picture?
PB&J: I don’t know. You know I don’t read your blog.
LL: Fine. Be that way. I don’t know why I even try. You are being so difficult.
PB&J: I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better.
LL: When we have an argument, who is always right?
PB&J: You are.
LL: Thank you. See, you have learned something in sixteen years! What is the worst thing I have ever made for you for dinner?
PB&J: Lemon chicken.
LL: What is the best thing I have ever made?
PB&J: Our kids.
LL: Awww. Ok. What one thing do you love the most about me?
PB&J: Everything. Hey, listen, can we be done? I have a conference call in three minutes.
LL: Fine, as long as you tell me what you are getting me for our anniversary.
(An uncomfortable silence ensues.)
PB&J: You mean I have to get you something else? We just celebrated Mother’s Day!
(Total and complete silence from the Lunch Lady. Some might even call it a stony silence.)
LL: This interview is over.
Thank you for joining us.
PB&J, if, for some reason, you break with tradition and actually read this, I really do love you. Thanks for sixteen great years!


Nanette said...

hmm. These answers sound like my own husband!

Kate said...

very clever as usual. Do you realize this is the first picture of you have posted of yourself. Happy anniversary ! 16 years, wow pbj has been in the family almost as long as I have.

Head Nurse/Patient- you be the judge said...

I remember that day very well! You wore white, he wore a tux (LOL)! Ever so glad to have you in the family and I can hardly believe it has been that long already. Before you know it, Oldest Carrotstick will be out the door :(

Janean said...

That really sounded like what Brett would answer for everything. They must all be alike. Not interested in our blogs and not interested in reading or being involved in anything with them. That was really cute.

Dani said...

Very cute. I love the conference call thing. I swear Jared LOVES conference calls. He is on them all the time.
So cute.

Paige said...

Wow, those answers also sound a lot like my husbands. Except for the Blackberry. His blackberry broke last week so now he only has one true love- his iphone. I'm fine second fiddle to that. I've got my OWN blackberry. Happy Anniversary!