Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the carrot sticks, plaintiff vs. the lunch lady, defendant

The carrot sticks have been busy building their case, proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their parents, despite their best intentions, are, in fact, incompetent.

Exhibit A: The oldest carrot stick was singing primary songs the other day. She sang "The wise man built his house upon the rock, . . . and the rains came tumbling down. The rains came down, and the FLOWERS came up, the rains came down the FLOWERS came up, . . . and the house on the rock stood still." How many years has she been attending church, week after week, and been forced to function under such a gross misapprehension -- that this song is about horticulture -- due to the negligent teaching of her parents?

Exhibit B: The youngest carrot stick was recently retelling the Joseph Smith story. According to him, the young boy Joseph was looking for the right church, and because they didn't have cars back then, he had to walk through the woods and when he was walking through the woods, trying to find the right church, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father told him not to go to any of the churches. Just think what might have happened had he been on the Interstate.

And finally,

Exhibit C: With the Christmas season upon us, the carrot sticks have been busy decorating the house. The Lunch Lady went into the youngest carrot stick's room, to find the following display:

To the casual observer, it looks like a young boy playing with Cars. Innocent enough, until compared to the following, also displayed in his room:

The youngest carrot stick explained his Cars display thusly:

Please pay especial attention to the label on the 3 Ramone Cars. Not "wisemen" but "foolish men."

The carrot sticks rest their case.

The court finds in favor of the Plaintiffs.


Kate said...

too funny! Your little carrot sticks have always been creative.

How did you make the labels on your picture?

the lunch lady said...

I opened the picture in photoshop and added the text as a new layer.

Nanette said...

(I had to laugh a good while before I could contain myself enough to comment)I think the evidence clearly shows just how GOOD you are as parents. Your carrots have learned to apply the Gospel to their lives in real, every day experiences--and their so young too! I hope I can do as good a job.

the lunch lady said...

And this is why YOU are my favorite sister!

Liz said...

Suck ups - both of you.

I think Ammon is on to something. The car nativity is tons cooler than the S'more Nativity or the Ice Cube Nativity. You should market it.

Hollywood said...

Wow! There is something eerily reverential about that. I couldn't help but feel tender feelings of love for the little yellow car. Hey, maybe your carrot is on to something - you could market a "Cars Nativity" to Toy R Us. I think our society has sunk low enough that it would whip off the shelves!

the lunch lady said...

hey, great minds think alike!

(how's that for being a suck up?)