Sunday, November 4, 2007

hoops and yoyo say hi!

Nan is to blame for my love affair with Hoops and Yoyo. She sent me my first Hoops and Yoyo e-card for my birthday last year, and I have been hooked ever since. (However, you can now buy real cardboardy Hoops and Yoyo cards at Wal-Mart and I feel a little betrayed.)

But, in honor of the upcoming holiday (Who's Excited for Thanksgiving????!!!!!!!!!!!! ((was that enough ? and !, Kate?))) here is a little Hoops and Yoyo fun.


Kate said...

hurray for canned cranberry sauce!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nanette said...

I love Hoops and Yoyo! You made my day!

Nan said...

Okay... I had to post here because I was doing a google search for Hoops and Yoyo anniversary cards because I love those little guys and became obsessed with them two years ago (even have a t-shirt of them.) So when I found a blog that said, "Nan is to blame for my love affair with Hoops and Yoyo," I thought I had stumbled upon someone I knew or who knew me... Then it got weirder because you call yourself "the lunchlady" and your blog is related to a lunch container of sorts. I'm Nan and my blog is called "Life is Like a Lunchbox." THEN I saw that you have Ree's blog in your link list (who doesn't nowadays) but I've been reading Ree's blog since the day she started it... knew her on a message board before that.

So I was starting to feel all small worldish and was forced to post.

Sorry for all of this rambling. It was just weird and I had to tell you!