Friday, November 2, 2007

happy halloween

the little trick-or-treaters . . .
a bloody vampire, a mighty hunter, and busy, busy bumblebee (actually, I think the tiara by her antennae means she is a Queen Bee), and the ladybugdog.

One kid in our ward came to the trunk-or-treat dressed as "A One Night Stand" -- a box around his body and a lampshade on his head. Appropriate? Or not?


Nanette said...

Your kids look so great! (and Murray too)Did you make the costumes? I think the box/lampshade costume is just a terrible pun and no more!

the lunch lady said...

Alas my creative talents were under-utilized this year. I did make the little vampires cape and vest (next year he can me a magician!), the hunter came courtesy of the elk hunt he went on with his dad a couple of weeks ago (I was going to make him a deer carcass, but he vetoed that) and the bee came courtesy of Target's clearance rack and other random things she had laying around!