Friday, February 15, 2008


The littlest Carrotstick got his first loose tooth in January. He enjoyed wiggling it for a couple of days, and then asked his dad to pull it out. Thank goodness PB&J was home, because I don't do extractions. Or blood. My grossness tolerance only goes as far as cleaning up puke and wiping bums. Here's the play-by-play, so you, too, can enjoy the experience:

Now if only I could have recorded the little popping sound the tooth made as PB&J pulled it out of its socket. Eeeewww.

Like all good children, he put the tooth under his pillow that night, with big dreams of what the Tooth Fairy might bring. Last time his brother lost a tooth, the Tooth Fairy missed him 4 nights in a row. When she finally came, she gave him $4 to make up for it. He was hoping the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come for 100 days, so he could get 100 bucks. As it was the little capitalist only got 1 measly dollar.

(thanks for the play-by-play slideshow idea, Liz)


Chris said...

Wow, the tooth fairy shells out a lot more for your kids than ours. Ours only got a shiny quarter. (but she wasn't complaining)

the lunch lady said...

I know. We only got a quarter from the T.F. growing up, but with inflation and everything . . . Besides it is much more expensive to live here than it is where you live ;)

Kate said...

ewww, I can't handle loose teeth, thanks for that disgusting description of the tooth popping! I'm ill.
I lost my work key, how much do I get for that? The teeth on that key are worth a small fortune.

the lunch lady said...

Hi mom