Monday, March 3, 2008

strut your stuff

I taught Relief Society again yesterday. I loosely based it all on a post by Hollywood, who based her post on another post. Anyway. We had an Anonymous Talent Show. Probably the most unusual talent was someone who can touch their nose with their tongue. It was a very spiritual meeting. Just kidding. It all turned out okay. But I used the above image as the background of all my posters and handouts, because I thought it was funny. And cute.

PB&J was a little worried someone might be offended by it. (Because there is always someone at church with NO sense of humor.)

What do you think? Does this scantily-clad 1960s Beauty Pageant Contestant offend your sense of modesty and propriety? Is taking things too seriously one of your talents?


Kate said...

I need to shield my eyes, the horror!

Nanette said...

Your R.S. meetings sound more fun than primary! What was YOUR talent?
I personally think that lady deserves that crown since it fits so nicely on her hair :)

Liz said...

I. Am. Appalled. A truly modest girl of body and spirit would be wearing this:

the lunch lady said...

Wow. Thanks for that link.

Nanette, I have a confession. I added the crown in photoshop. I don't know if that girl really was a winner. But she is now!