Tuesday, March 18, 2008

american graffiti

In the beginning there was the word.

And the word was good.

But there was no way to preserve the word.

And so man created writing.

And man wrote many things.

In many ways.

Like this:

And man continued to write.

And he wrote in many different ways,

For man was not meant to write on leaves alone.

And so man created the blog.

And oh how man
loves technology, (but not at much as you, you see.)

And although not everything we write is good,

We love it that you will read what we write.

And comment.

And the comments are good.

Very good.

(That particular Word was found on a tree on the Laie Hawaii LDS temple grounds. Here is a picture of PB&J in back of the tree. As you can see, the leaves are very large. Almost the size of a Big Chief Tablet. Does anyone remember those, or is it just me?)


Kate said...

thank goodness for that lasic or would you have been able to spot such a scandel on Holy Land?

Liz said...

I hated Big Chief Tablets - they had the worst paper to write. Now, if someone had given me a tablet full of leaves...