Saturday, June 21, 2008

iron (wo)man

Yesterday was the traditonal date night.

The Father spent it with the Sons at the father-son camp-out.

The Daughter spent it with a Friend, babysitting Cute Little Boys and getting paid good $$.

I spent it with this heartless taskmaster:

Lucky me.

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Head Nurse/Patient- you be the judge said...

I actually touched one of those myself this weekend- What is this world coming too?

Jenni said...

I hate ironing and I usually let it pile up so that it takes me hours to get through it. You should have gotten a bunch of the other Mom's together and gone to the movies (anything besides ironing).

the lunch lady said...

I should have. But sometime, when the tower of ironing is threatening to fall, you just have to buckle down and do your duty. Sadly.

The Hawkins said...

If you do it right you can always get out of ironing like I do. I told me husband right off the bat that I don't do it, I'm not good at it and I don't like it. He has never asked me to iron a shirt. Sometimes I offer but he finds out that I really am not good at it. So when he has the iron out I usually throw him a shirt of my own to try out as well.