Wednesday, June 11, 2008

UPDATE -- little girl, little girl, what do you see?

The Oldest Carrotstick went up to Girl's Camp this morning. This evening we were told that she has already seen enough wildlife to fill up an Eric Carle picture book.

Did she see

a blue bird

a brown bear

a white wolf

or a rabid dog

Looking at her?
Come on, play the game . . . What do you think she saw on the mountain?
I'll give you a hint: At first glance, she thought the animal was an elk. Does that clear things up?
Ok fine. Since nobody wants to play along (except Kellye -- who already knows, as does everyone else who lives around here) and since none of my family members are acting suitable appalled and horrified, I will tell you what she saw. Not that it matters. It was a bear. Yes, *gasp* a bear.
The Middle Carrotstick informs me that we do not have brown bears here.
So it was a black bear (although the Oldest Carrotstick says it looked brown and grey.)


Kellye and Jon said...

I have an unfair advantage, so I am not going to guess, Yikes! Sounds like they are having a good time though.

Kellye and Jon said...

Yay! I win, and I didn't even give my answer. HaHaHa.