Wednesday, January 7, 2009

be afraid, be very afraid

The Oldest Carrotstick is worried that her name just doesn't sound good with any last name other than the one she currently holds.

So worried, in fact, that she and her friends spent good valuable learning time at school today trying out her first and middle names with the last names of various ignorantly obliging boys.

They filled up 5 columns of lined (non-college ruled) notebook paper with options, starring the ones they felt had potential.

Oldest Carrotstick Paxman
Oldest Carrotstick Taylor*
Oldest Carrotstick Karr
Oldest Carrotstick Nelson*

and so forth and so on.

Ahh, the many -- and varied -- benefits of public education.


Shem said...

I love teenage girls. :)

Allyson said...

Hey mom, this is IMPORTANT stuff a teenage girl needs to think about! After all "Oldest Carrotstick Picklenecker" just does not sound good - therefore, nice as Jimmy Picklenecker may be, it is important to know that the relationship simply cannot go anywhere permanent. ;)

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I really only did that with whomever I had a crush on at the time- I don't recall ever going down the "list"- or shall I say- aisle? I didn't have to look too hard to find a better match than my unmarried option-

the lunch lady said...

Good one, Allyson. I'll tell her to stay away from Jimmy Picklenecker. ;)

momtherunner said...

Watch out! That last name game can actually predict the future...just don't let anyone write anything in her year book!!:)

Amy said...

she can always hyphenate..problem solved.

Kirsten said...

I think oldest carrotstick archuleta sounds good. :)
teenage girls are so funny... I totally remember. :)