Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a peaceable passing of power

PB&J sometimes travels for his work.

But for the last month and a half, he has been grounded. Which means he has been at home. Well, working still (thank goodness), but at least in the same state as the rest of his family. Except when he was on vacation. Then he wasn't working. But really, he was, because there's no rest when you are a member of a family. And believe you me, I took full advantage of that fact.

While PB&J was stuck at home he:

  • did dishes
  • took out garbage
  • woke up kids
  • made breakfast
  • went to the grocery store
  • helped with homework
  • enforced piano practicing
  • made a pinewood derby car
actually, made 2 pinewood derby cars -- 'cause the Littlest Carrotstick just couldn't stand to be left out of the fun.


believe it or not

  • he even helped make the bed.
(on more than one occasion!)

It was awesome.

Except now. Back in December, PB&J inadvertantly planned a trip to Washington D.C. for this week. By inadvertantly, I mean he didn't realize the significance of this week in history until after the trip was planned. Do you know what other somewhat significant event happened this week in The District? Besides a visit with my sister, Farm Girl, and her husband, Mr. Beaver Mountain? (Of which I am insanely jealous.) A little transfer of power? Remember that? Oh yeah. So, PB&J left on Monday, leaving the state of our union in my hands.

(As he drove through The District Monday night, talking to me on the phone, he unrolled the window of his car, and stuck his cell phone outside so I could hear the sounds of all the helicopters flying overhead. It was loud. It sounded like a scene in a movie. Weird.)

I hope things go smoother in DC than they have here where the executive branch of the family is now solely my responsibility (for a couple of days.)

I realize now I didn't appreciate PB&J's presence enough. Since he's been gone:

I haven't been able to sleep at night.

I worry about strange gasoline-like smells in the garage --- and I've even planned our escape route should my car spontaneously combust.

And then, to add insult to injury,

this morning, I pried myself out of my bed and woke the kids up, only to discover:

There was no milk in the fridge!

And no milk in the backup fridge.

The kids are threatening to impeach me.

PB&J, please come home.

We need you.

The kids need you.

The fridge needs you.


Kellye said...

We ALMOST always have backup milk in the backup fridge. Next time just send one of the cs's down the hill and they can get some.

Shem said...

OMG! A Backup fridge? I just barely got a freezer for the garage. My back up fridge has a name... Macey's.


Farm Girl said...

Thanks for lending us your husband. Next time you should come too!

momtherunner said...

I'm afraid I would have been impeached several times too if our kids had voting rights. PB&J is great at helping out...hmmm, that's a good list to show someone I know! :)

Amy said...

No milk in the fridge is impeachable! I'm not even a little surprised at how helpful PB&J is at home. He seems like the get 'er done type. However, I'm impressesd he makes the bed!

Nanette said...

I feel your pain.