Tuesday, January 27, 2009

trading treats tuesday

Today, for Trading Treats Tuesday . . .


Today is opposite day.


You didn't know?

Didn't you get the memo?

Well it is.

And so I can't post a treat.

But I don't want to be totally negative, 'cause that is such a downer.

So today, in honor of opposite day, is really Positively Peeved Something-Or-The-Other. No clever alliteration today, kids.

My Pet Peeve for today is Elementary School Kids Chronic Chapped Lips Syndrome.

This is the one single reason why I could never be an Elementary School teacher. But I salute all of you who can and are.

When I go to help in my kids classes, it PAINS me, I mean REALLY PAINS ME to see the poor poor kids who just keep licking and licking their lips, trying to make them feel better, and succeed in only making them worse.
For the love of your mother, your school teacher, the Lunch Lady, the crossing guard, the librarian, the garbage man, and the Schwann's guy, please please please please use chapstick. Chapstick is your friend.

Chapped lips are not.

Say no to Chap.

And Crack.

Butt, if you're a fan of Pioneer Woman, you can't say no to Chaps.

What's your Positively Peeved Pet Peeve today?

(to my more sensitive readers, I sincerely, and profusely, apologize, for this post.)

chaps picture by pioneer woman


Kate said...

where did you get the crack picture. Is it you? just kidding.
My pet peeve is people walking/driving/running down the wrong side of the sidewalk/hall/road/train, you name it, it bugs.

Kellye said...

I strongly dislike it when you are approaching a 4 way stop and one of the car's you are up against to be the first to go, stops like 5 feet before the stop line so that they beat you to the stop and therefore get to go first. Seriously! You need to at least make it to the stop line. Right? Also when you turn on your blinker and the car behind you speeds up so that you cant get over. Completely unnecessary.

valmike said...

PEOPLE WHO HAVE REAR WHEEL DRIVE AND DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW. Yes, you know you've seen them... The mini van that fish tails up the hills everytime, the Mustang that just can't make the corner without spinning into 3 other lanes, and the ever popular smallish pick up truck that wants to be just like the big boys with their 4 wheel drive but still enjoys sliding into the ditch every now and then. (I was nearly hit twice last night going to the grocery store all due to similiar offenders!)

Thanks for the opportunity to complain about something! -VAL

Allyson said...

My ULTIMATE pet peeve is when restaurant servers get all huffy. They are taking the drink order and you ask for say a Diet Pepsi, they give you this disdainful look and sneer "We serve Coke products." Um, okay I am NOT picky. If it is brown, diet, carbonated, has lots of ice, and is loaded with caffeine bring it on! Agh!

Shem said...

My pet peeve is people who follow too close to the car in front of them. Am I the only one that was taught a car length for every 10 mph you are going?

And then if you have to stop suddenly, they get angry in your rear view… like YOU almost caused an accident.

Also, why do people have to slow down to a stop to make a right hand turn? If you really need to go that slow to turn, then move to the shoulder. If you slow down, I have to slow down and the fool behind me tailgating will undoubtedly gesture hello to me with one finger.

Maybe I should take the bus?

momtherunner said...

You have a thing for chaps, don't you?? My pet peeve for the day...dirty dishes in the sink. Just set them two feet away into the dishwasher! It really isn't that difficult!!

Amy said...

I have to agree with Kellye..We are already in a race to the finish, and they cheat!
My pet peeve is returning a phone that I didn't like to my cellphone company..a month later go to the store to upgrade, only to be told they haven't received my returned phone yet..and they need the TRACKING number! Really..you don't have it?? I paid extra to get it there in three days..only to be told they don't have it.

Kristen said...

when I am "in charge"? and I get to mock up my own blueprints for some great plan?

let me tell you - once a woman becomes a mother, she will NEVER get sick again. Esp. when she is an expectant mother.