Monday, February 23, 2009

tres risque

I bought the Oldest Carrotstick these shoes the other day:(Don't cringe. She has had gold shoes before and wore the heck out of them. They go with everything, don't you know. And metallic is the new neutral, naturally.)

This didn't keep me from buying them either.

But. She won't wear them.

And why won't she wear them?

Because they are


All I can figure is that she prefers ballet shoes that show at little cleavage. Toe cleavage.
What do you think? Should I be worried about this proclivity for showing skin? Can you show toe cleavage and still abide by the standards in For the Strength of the Youth?

Just wondering.

Not really. But I did think it was kind of funny. I don't think I have ever once given a second thought to toe cleavage. And if you are my sister Kate, you think that anything that has to do with feet is gross and disgusting.

Anyway. Have a great Monday! Live a little -- show some toe cleavage! (I won't tell!)


momtherunner said...

Oh, great!! Who knew that cleavage had more than one area to flaunt itself?!? Now I have to teach our daughter toe modesty?? Flip flops will need to be renamed thongs once again!!

Kate said...

could you and farm girl be the cause of my extreme hate of feet? Possibly.
And toe cleavage is gross. You can mail those puppies to me, that is if our feet are still the same size.
The O.C. is so fashion forward, I didn't even know what toe cleavage was until a few years ago.

the lunch lady said...

he he!

Allyson said...

As Paris Hilton would say: Toe cleavage is hot!

Kellye said...

I have never heard of toe cleavage. Did she really say the lack of toe cleavage was the reason for disliking the shoes. That makes me laugh. I woke up this morning remembering some pieces of my dream and I have to tell you those silver shoes were in there somehow. I can't exactly recall how, but silver non cleavage showing shoes defiantly made an appearance last night.

valmike said...

Toe cracks showing is one of my OCD Phobias! I sold shoes for many years and I had nearly forgotten how much it bugged me. It's so funny that that's "cool" now.

By the way... did you have a family photo that you can e-mail me for the directory? If not, let me know when I can get you all together and we can take some good ones!

Janean said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! I have as well had a phobia of showing my toe cracks when wearing shoes. I usually won't wear them if they show my toe cracks - it bugs me. I cannot believe this is a trend.