Monday, February 9, 2009

i spy

Hey, I have an idea . . .

Let's play a game!

Look at this picture.
It shows two walls (or planes, geometrically speaking). And the new (chiming) wall clock that PB&J got me for Christmas. It replaces the old (cheap) wall clock that we used to have that sounded like the doorbell every time it chimed (we cut the chime wire). But this clock is not e-lec-tronic. It has to be wound. By hand. With a key. And it chimes most gloriously. And it is a not-so-subtle reminder of how much time I waste doing who-knows-what in fifteen minute increments. I love it.


But, back to the game.

True or False:

The walls in the picture are the same color.

Think carefully. Record your answer. With a number two pencil.

And then look at the picture below.

The answer: False.

The wall in my front room is blue/gray (or grey). The wall in the hall is a very pleasing beige-y color.

This, my friends, is an illustration of what different light can do to a paint color. The first picture was taken Christmas morning, with the blinds closed, while I was admiring my clock, and noticed the strange paint anomaly.

The second picture was with the blinds open and the true paint colors shining forth.

The moral of the story: Don't buy paint on a whim. Stick the paint chip you are considering on the wall (along with a number of its closest cousins) and look at it over and over and over in all kinds of light.

Just thought you should know, since my friend Amber wanted to know. And I'm sure Kate has been dying to know what my clock looks like. (Strangely, it looks much like my mom and dad's wall clock. Just in a different wood. Who knew??)

One more paint buying tip: I always have the paint guys mix the paint up at 75%-80%. "75% of what?" you ask. Well, I don't know for sure. Is it 75% strength or value? I don't know. I do know you can start even lower and keep adding %-age-wise to it 'til it is the color you want. When I've had paint mixed it up at full strength/value/intensity/hue it always seems more than what I really wanted, and slightly less strength/value/intensity/hue always seems right. Or better. And tell the paint guy to smudge some paint on the top of the lid and then ask them to DRY it, so you can really tell what the true color will look like.

Anything else you really wanted to know?

Ask the Lunch Lady!


momtherunner said...

I am so impressed, lunch lady!! Who knew that one could acquire such knowledge and talent in a cafeteria, of all places. As my kids would say, "You rock!!"

Kate said...

this was most helpful. I wish we would have used common sense when we painted our family room wall deep blue.............but it turned out. Just don't ask me to paint over it.

I love the clock. You should do a video so I can hear it too.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I really want to know when we are having a Paint the Looney Bin party? My paint chip has been hanging on the wall for quite a while now-

And I have to say- I had never noticed your paint looking like that- rather cool, I think-

Kristen said...

yeah... I have a very orange wall that was supposed to be a lot more red. it ended up changing my entire decorating scheme for the apartment.

although -I think I like the new ideas better. if not the bright glaring wall..

Amber said...

Those pictures are amazing and very helpful. I now have color samples on the wall...too yellow, too dark, ...too??? My eyes have gone buggy. I'm glad I started with samples on the wall!

Farm Girl said...

I sense I new blog series-"Decorating tips from the lunchroom." My paint is terrible with our sofa, but I don't think I can convince the partner in crime to paint again. Guess we'll just have to move.

Allyson said...

Wonderfully insightful as always. I love your new clock!

valmike said...

The guys at The Home Depot usually dap the paint on the lid for you automatically! I learned that after I stuck my hand on the lid to pick up my new paint and part of me became a lovely shade of pink.

Amy said...

Who knew you knew so much about Paint? My oldest brother sells it, the most he can tell me is Roasted Red Pepper goes well with Clay Beige. (and a few others, but I quit listening, because hey..I actually already bought the two colors that complimented each other!)
Amazing what lighting can do to paint.