Saturday, May 23, 2009

tongue in cheek

With the plethora of end of the year activities, I take pictures, dump them onto my computer, and then hurry and empty the card so I'm ready for the next round of photo opportunities. I finally got around to looking at my soccer pictures today. So if my next fifty posts are all about soccer, you know why. It's because I have spent a hundred hours of my life this spring watching soccer. And I want you to share in my pain joy.

In looking at the Youngest Carrotsticks pictures, I noticed a marked trend amongst the 1st grade boys. Look at the following pictures. Do you see what I saw?

Apparently, one's skill on the soccer field is dramatically increased if one's mouth is open! Who knew? This is a major sports breakthrough, people!

After doing extensive research on the subject, the scientists in the Lunchroom have identified 6 major mouth/tongue player styles:

Stay tuned for further information as we correlate mouth/tongue styles to their most effective player positions!


Allyson said...

One small step for The Lunch Lady, one great step for all scientific research.

Cute pictures!

Kate said...

our grandma H writes with her tongue out. Since she has such nice hand writing, I thought sticking my tongue out with help me to have nice hand writing too. It doesn't work, I learned that in about a day of chapped lips and sloppy hand writing.