Monday, June 8, 2009

soccer: a how-to

You thought I was kidding when I threatened to post 1 million soccer pictures. I wasn't.

For your enlightenment, here is a little tutorial on how to play soccer, presented by the Carrotsticks.

In the manner of all great books, it has few words and lots of pictures. (Be glad I didn't take the technical writing class when I went to college. Then it would be even harder to understand -- because I would have to write it in english, translate it into chinese, and once everything comprehensible was thoroughly twisted, change it back into the unintelligible dialect commonly known as "Reference Manual Modified ChineEnglish.")

(which she did. seriously. her nickname is now "bruiser".)

And, finally, in Reference Manual Modified ChineEnglish:

Many sad goodbyes as happy we are you visited us came.


Amber said...

What a fun post! After all those Mom hours at the ball park, you deserve a party. You have such talented kids! These are really awesome shots.

Kate said...

you have some cute kids. And I'm proud of the o.c. for being aggressive, even if a finger or two are broken. Yeah for champions!!

valmike said...

I love the texting while being coached! I feel like I understand soccer so much better now. Thanks!