Tuesday, June 23, 2009

age appropriate

This family camp has been very different for PB&J and I than it has in years past.

can you see what is missing from this picture?

look closely.

give up?

I'll tell you. there is no Oldest Carrotstick. this camp has been a dream come true for her. it's all about hanging out with new friends 14 hours a day. we see her only briefly at meals and when she needs to change clothes. last night was the best! she was hanging out with a group of Young Adults (15 to college-age) and they asked her what college she was going to. Frighteningly, she played right along with it and told them she was going to go to BYU or Utah State.

I think I need to pull out the "I'm only 13" sign.

we first came here when she was only 4 and still needed and wanted us.

I miss those days.


Farm Girl said...

Get her to a nunn'ry!

Kate said...

Just make so cute shirts that say it. It will become the new trend to wear your age. start an etsy shop

valmike said...

I has to be difficult to have a daughter that looks (and acts) older than she is. I bet the boys like getting more time with their Lunch Lady though!