Thursday, August 28, 2008

attention shoppers!

Some men like to hunt. They hunt with guns, out in the wild. If they are successful, there is blood. Gross.

Some women also like to hunt. But their prey gets bagged after a little parley with a credit card, in a store. Usually, there is no blood. Unless it is a really, really great deal.

And because I like you all so much, I am going to share :
the best deal ever!!!

I am so excited!!!!

I got the following ad in the mail this week (though it was addressed specifically to me, I don't think they'll mind me sharing their new offering):

Who knew Sears was now carrying babies?

And to think, all this time I thought babies came the hard way.

(Now, to all you who might be gifted in Reading-In-Between-The-Lines, let me just assure you, there are no lines here to read in between. This is just an example of some misguided ad executive gone amok. This is not an announcement. If you remain in doubt, let me just refer you to my previous post.)


Kellye said...

I gotta go get me one of those!

Shem said...

Maybe if I order one of those, people will quit asking me about having children?

Kate said...

I'm on my way to sears right now, wearing my Sunday best!

Amy said...

Wow, who knew that Sears stocked babies. That might just be Leno worthy!