Tuesday, August 19, 2008

trading treats tuesday

I forgot my lunch today.
I had to call my mom to bring it.
She said she was doing stuff, and couldn't just drop EVERYTHING and bring it right away. So I had to wait. Just as the last bell was about to ring, she came.
So, at last, I finally have a treat to trade with you. I know it's 10:00 at night. But it's never too late for Treats, right? (Though, at our house, Treats at 10 usually means cold cereal.)
But not today.

Today's Treat is Simply this: Summer.

The Loosey-Goosey Days of Summer.

Days of No Structure.

No Schedule.

Days of laying around, watching syndicated reruns,

Staying up Late (especially when the Olympics are on)

And Sleeping In Late.

Running through a freezing cold sprinkler.

Of getting sunburned and bug-bitten,

Crunching on Otter Pops,

And eating corn on the cob, heavy juice-laden tomatoes, potato salad, and watermelon.

Summertime. And the living is easy.

And now it's over.

The kids tell me Summer's not officially over until sometime in September. But it really ends (at least the best part of it) when school starts. And the bell tolls tomorrow. For whom does it toll? It tolls for thee Summer . . .

Farewell, Summer. It's been fun.




What's your treat? I don't mind if it's been sitting in your Lunch Sack all day (and night). I like day-old treats. Please share . . . I'm going to be lonely tomorrow. It's just going to be me and the dog. All. Day. Long.

Bell picture originally downloaded by creaking eye


Head Nurse/Patient- you be the judge said...

my treat is I have until Monday the 25th to get back to the school schedule- Lucky me? I was so ready for it today- Oh- and another "treat", phones that ring at 6:40 AM because certain people locked the keys in the truck- ON THE MOUNTAIN!

Amber said...

Summer goes way to fast if you ask me. We should all revolt and refuse to send our kids until September. =)

My treat? For this time of year my favorite tradition is when Jeff gives each of the kids a school blessing. Actually, I always get one too.

Kellye said...

I have a very cute 4 year old that I could lend you a couple of hours a day. He could make you a really good treat.

the lunch lady said...

he really is a cute 4-year-old . . . send him over!

Shem said...

My treat is taking a leap of faith and hoping your dreams come true.

kninsa said...

The best treat is waiting four days for a sacklunch post, and then logging in this morning to a new belly laugh. Thanks.

jana said...

My treat today is getting to go run errands with only TWO cute kids. What a luxury!! My other treat is back to school pictures. I love capturing the first day back to school excitement in a picture.

Melanie said...

My treat this week is BYU Education Week evenings with my baby sister. Last night Sjon was juggling soccer practices with a gaggle of tired and hungry girls, and I was learning about gardening and how to teach like the Savior. Of course, my little private vacation ended quickly when Megan spent the night throwing up, but I plan to escape again tonight and every night this week. What a treat!

Liz said...

For me, my treat was getting back to a schedule, where my kiddos aren't running me over, and I can get some me time in. I seriously needed some yoga and a good read! Enjoy...

Nanette said...

Summer IS the best! So, I can't figure out why my little sun tanned squirt can't wait to go back to school! She's counting down the days and she wants to make a chain!
Not me. I like summer.

Amy said...

my treat today was getting to finally catch up and read your blog. Oh and maybe watching the kids fly down the hill on their blocks of ice..