Tuesday, November 4, 2008

trading treats tuesday

Election time gets our blood a-pumping here in the lunchroom.

Being down in the OC this last weekend, my heart was warmed by all the Yes on 8 signs lining the highways and byways. We only saw one group of protestors.

For weeks now the kids have been singing various jingles:

"B@r@ck Ob@m@, he smells like llama"


"Use your brain, vote McC@in"

The Oldest Carrotstick said she wrote in Mitt Romney's name at their school mock-lection.

And the kids are begging me to let them stay up to see who wins. (that's a big NO.)

It is very much akin to the 2004 presidential election.

Back then, to my chagrin, my kids knew all the words to JibJab's version of "This Land is My Land" and they sang it with gusto.

And the Littlest Carrotstick, even though he was only 2, for some reason known only to his own bad toddler self, was a staunch J*hn Kerry supporter, in a family of Republicans.

I kid you not. Go figure.

It's 7:36. You still have time! Go vote!

Oh, by the way, that's my treat today: Democracy.

What's yours???


DailyFamily said...

My treat today is a cuddly baby.

But I say, "Let's hear it for Democracy" too!

Allyson said...

My treat for today is surprising my roommate with birthday party when she had had a really crummy day.

Go Democracy!

The Hawkins said...

My treat today is seeing a woman on the street with a huge sign she had made up with a quote from my Dad. She waved a flag and stood in the rain crying. It was great to see someone supporting everything he worked so hard for. Even though we know he will not win, that made it all worth it.

Amber said...

I vote yea for cuddly babies as a treat. They make a nice distraction from last nights Presidential election results.

the lunch lady said...

laura, that is cool. go Jim!

Kate said...

obnoxious people. Welcome to Hyde Park and the Home of crazy Obama supporters. Did I mention they really are CRAZY.

kninsa said...

Wonderful people like you, lunch lady

Amy said...

My treat is that the election let down didn't ruin my birthday this year!