Wednesday, November 26, 2008


a post in which I waste your time talking about nonsense and referencing an obscure movie where El!jah Wood does not have hairy feet.

Last Tuesday night, as we sat on the runaway in Atlanta on our way back to the Lunchroom,

the pilot got on the PA system to give a little pilot-y information and update.

As he spoke, he had a slight accent. A slight Russian accent.

Ok. Maybe not slight.

Perhaps it would really be considered quite strong.

PB&J started laughing.

He looked at me and asked "Can this guy be for real?"

He sounded just like the Russian guy in this movie:

(it's a short clip. I promise. -- like 46 seconds -- but you have to wait til the end to hear the Russian.)

And the rest of the flight, whenever the pilot spoke, you could also hear PB&J laughing.

It was premium.


kninsa said...

Hahahaha! Excellent post! Premium, lunch lady.

Kate said...

this was a premium movie, I love it! I also love that you had a pilot with this amazing accent!

Amy said...

I'm glad your "premium" pilot got you home safely..YW just isn't the same without you!