Tuesday, November 25, 2008

trading treats tuesday

In a very unoriginal post, this Trading Treats Tuesday,

I am celebrating:

Thanksgiving Feast Favorites!!!!

That's my treat. I love all the traditional foods you get to eat at Thanksgiving. And I can't pick just one thing. Everything we're having is my favorite. Well, maybe turkey's not really my favorite, but it's Tradition!

(say it with me and Tevya:


And that happy, too-full, dying to take a nap and ignore the kitchen full of dirty dishes feeling!

Hurray for Thanksgiving!!!!

This Trading Treats Tuesday, tell me what one food you are looking forward to the most.

One of my friends confessed that her favorite was her dad's made from scratch fake mashed potatoes.

Love it!

So, what's your favorite Thanksgiving food/treat?

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Shem said...

Alas, I have to admit Thanksgiving is the least favorite of all the holidays for me. I am not a fan of the food.

As a child I swore when I grew up. it would be pumpkin pie, stuffing and pizza on Thanksgiving. (Not sure Kninsa will go for that.)

My treat is the fact we get 2 whole days off from work! That I can sink my teeth into.

jana said...

My personal favorite is when the mashed potatoes and gravy get mixed with the corn and somehow manage to hop up onto a bite of homemade roll!! That is a bite I look forward to!!! Yummmmmm!

Kate said...

cranberry sauce from a can!! I love everything about thanksgiving, EVERYTHING! Although it would be better if you were coming out for thanksgiving too. boo on you.

Amber said...

Truthfully, the traditional Thanksgiving put-you-to-sleep all carb dinner is not my favorite. Since Jeff's family keeps the dinner traditional, I plan on sneaking in a bit of non-traditional salad and sugar free jello so I can stay awake for the after dinner fun.

DailyFamily said...

I'm with you...I can't pick just one thing. But I do love it when the gravy runs all over the plate and I get a bite of a little bit of everything all mixed up.

I love the warm, noisy house on Thanksgiving too!

Allyson said...

I love Thanksgiving! My favorite part is the green bean casserole - you know the one with the crunchy onions and cream of mushroom soup...yummmy!

the lunch lady said...

Allyson --

I love green bean casserole too!!! But I found a new recipe for it, and it is so good -- check out my April archives and look for Green Bean Casserole.


I knew we were kindred spirits!

Allyson said...

Oooh thank you! I will DEFINITELY check that out!

I feel like Anne and Diana - kindred spirits found by chance. Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

My favorite treat for thankgiving feast..is the "cake" my 2 year old nephew kept referring to..which is actually a frozen fruit salad..YUMMY! I don't care for Pie..so for me, that is dessert.