Sunday, December 7, 2008


once again, I'm looking out for you and the person-who-has-everything on your gift list.

how about this special little number:
for those times when you're feel especially wicked (not that I'm saying you're wicked, it just that sometimes, I know I have been known to laugh my evil laugh, and I'm always wishing I had a moustache to twirl at those moments and I'm just assuming other people feel the same. sometimes. but maybe I'm wrong. In that case see option #2.)


when you need to throw the paparazzi off your trail so you can grocery shop in peace.


perhaps you might just need a disguise.

secret agents might find it


miranda said...

That's it- I'm getting these for everyone in book club!

Allyson said...

Awesome! I could use one of those to wear when I am shopping for shoes. That way if I run into someone who knows that I should not be buying shoes they will not recognize me and I can then buy my shoes without getting into trouble! ;)

Shem said...

Again, how much time do you really spend surfing the net? Boggles the mind.