Tuesday, December 30, 2008

trading treats tuesday

Sorry about the bloggy silence this last week. I've been in a holiday induced stupor.

And that's my treat today: the Holidays!

PB&J is taking some time off. It's so nice to have him around without his Blackberry in his hands.

We have been getting our fair share of electronica in, however.
The other night, PB&J and I were out for dinner with friends. And suddenly I noticed I was paying attention to the background music and I was thinking to myself, "Yellow, yellow, yellow, green, yellow, green, orange, pedal, blue." Guitar Hero has been going non-stop for days now. There are few things quite as amusing as your little sweet, innocent, six-year-old singing Bon Jovi at the top of his lungs. However, PB&J and I will be glad when they get a little better at GH and we don't have to keep hearing Eye of the Tiger over and over and over.

The Christmas carnage isn't just limited to the soundwaves. It's everywhere.

The kitchen table is supporting all kinds of wildlife.
And Indian Jones Legos have taken over the floor in the Middle Carrotstick's room.
We haven't even started on the puzzles.

Luckily the good doctor didn't have a difficult time piecing together this: 7 stitches on the Littlest Carrotstick's cheek from a pre-snowmobiling slip on the ice.

Remember, it's all fun and games until somebody pokes out an eye -- or gets the side of his face smashed. Just ask PB&J's brother.

Love the Holidays. I don't think we'll ever be the same.

Hope your Holidays were as grueling enjoyable!

What's your treat today?


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

No more hockey practice for the week!!!!! YEAH for me- I mean- oh bummer- Not!

DailyFamily said...

My treat is a long lost (but much loved) friend who sent me a Christmas card and an email!

Sk8r Girl said...

Hah! I don't know why grownups don't like christmas! It's like a dream come true for kids.

Amy said...

Poor youngest carrotstick. I think your family has had it's fair share of bad luck..it's time for some good!
My treat today..my brain is too starved to think of one..oh wait, the sun just made an appearance.