Wednesday, December 17, 2008

trading treats tuewednesday (again)

Ok. So I'm late on my post, again.

But I do have my neighbor gifts all assembled (sorry Kellye -- you're still getting one!) and my Christmas card and Christmas packages are, after waiting in line at the post office for 40 minutes, all in route. (Hurray!)

But that's not what I'm celebrating this week.

Today's Trading Treats TueWednesday is: Snow!

For weeks now the only snow I've had to enjoy was this:
This is my version of a Frozen Charlotte. What? You don't know what a Frozen Charlotte is? No, it's not some obscure band. Ok, well maybe. And no, it's not a drink or an ice cream treat. Read about it here, if you want.

But now we have this:
And I'm so glad. I would really like a White Christmas, to cover up all the yard ugliness.

And speaking of White Christmas, have you watched it yet this year? We did. On Sunday. And it was just like the good old days.

Not that I was around when White Christmas was made. My parents weren't even alive to have eyes for me to be a glimmer in. But I do have a soft spot for old movies -- especially in black and white. And if you've never seen Holiday Inn, might I recommend it to you?

My, but it's yar.

What's your treat today?


kninsa said...

Neighbor gifts are all well and good. But don't give one to Kellye!!!

My treat is Cream O' Weber eggnog.

the lunch lady said...

at least Kellye should be glad to know I didn't lick the spoon!

Shem said...

Kninsa downloaded Holiday Inn for me. One of my favs! :)

Amber said...

I've been on the run all day and didn't thing about dinner until a few minutes ago. My treat is a new taco soup recipe complete with ingredients that took me just a couple of minutes to assemble. It is simmering on the stove right now...ummm, can't wait. Lucky for neighbor gifts or we would be eating...ummm, I'm not sure. Actually, I've already tasted it and it is going on our favorite list for sure. Nope, I didn't put my tasting spoon back into the pot. Kellye can come over safely and taste. =D

Allyson said...

I love all three of those! You have very good taste in movies.

My treat today is a ticket for a plane trip to not white San Jose, California, where I will enjoy a green Christmas. Even though the snow can be pretty this Cali girl will be glad to have a break from the cold.

Merry Christmas!