Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm feeling really ambitious. I am hoping to post TWO whole posts today! I know, hard to believe. I'm trying to make up for my slackerdom.

So, with Christmas just around the corner, here's one more great gift iDea for you. As you know, Apple has the cool gifts to give this year. In tribute to all things "i", presenting:
the very low tech iPillow.

Just please don't put one under my tree. The mere sight of those charts gives me ANXiETY.

iSpy-ed it here.


Shem said...

You know, if no one has any last minute Christmas shopping to do, all of these great ideas work for Valentine's Day gifts as well!

momtherunner said...

I didn't want glasses, (of course, I eventually had to get them), so I would memorize the small lines when I had both eyes open so that when I had to cover one...I had 20/20 vision!!!

Amy said...

That pillow is hillarious. The sad and really scary thing, it sold out! Thanks for the Christmas Chuckle.
I have to say, I love apple and all it's i accessories.
My treat today, all my good friends that my life has been blessed with.