Tuesday, December 2, 2008

trading treats tuesday

This is what my house looks like right now:


This is when the holidays really come together.
The Thanksgiving dishes aren't quite put away.
And I have already drug out 10 bins of Christmas stuff.

Does that frighten you?

It kind of scares me.
And are you more worried that I am blogging instead of putting away my fabulous turkey dishes?

Take consolation in the fact that I am waiting for the kids to get home from school to decorate the tree.

And they decorated the trees in their rooms last night and I haven't rearranged a single ornament.


I love the holidays!

And my piano is being tuned even as we speak and that fills me with joy. No more waking up to off-tune practicing!

What's your treat today?


Shem said...

My treat is a 4 year old's Bday party after work! :)

DailyFamily said...

My treat is a spring-like day in the middle of winter.

Allyson said...

My treat is my new book of shoe wisdom...blog post explanation to follow.

valmike said...

Good luck on getting everything ready for Christmas!

My treat is Christmas pictures of Eryn! (and of anyone else who'd like some done too!) -VAL

jana said...

My treat is a good husband who volunteers to stay home with our kids while I go gift hunting. It really is a hunt...I'm exhausted!!!

Amber said...

My treat is a Christmas tree stored with the lights on so we never have to deal with tangled lights. I love my quick to put up tree.

Farm Girl said...

Wow, go Christmas! I love how you throw out the line about your kids decorating the trees in their rooms like everybody has a Christmas tree in their bedroom. I haven't even decided if I am going to get a tree for our apartment at all.

Amy said...

Not sure I have a treat today..maybe the fact that the day is almost over!
Good luck on decorating..maybe you can put the YW to work!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

My treat is my tree is in the house. Now if I can just get to the lights.

Actually- my super awesome treat is that the snowboots and gloves survived their major mistreatment and are none the worse for wear! Yea! Since it was obviously all my fault in the first place :)