Tuesday, December 23, 2008

trading treats tuesday

(on Tuesday, even!)

Dear Family,

I am sad that you are so far away.

You have missed out on all our fun traditional Christmas-time events. Especially the extended family parties, with no less than 113 of your closest relatives. Literally.

This one was significant because all my kids decided they are too old and mature to participate in the traditional Nativity. They wouldn't even be sheep this year. Sad.

But especially sad because You Were Missed.

And because I am missing you so much, you are my treat this Trading Treats Tuesday: La Familia! (it's more important sounding if you say it in a foreign language, but really, is spanish even a foreign language anymore? it's possible it's the U.S.of A.'s official second language.)

But, because I'm always looking out for you, and I don't want you to feel too homesick, here's a special part of Christmas that I know you've been missing:

Great-Grandma's robotronic story-telling Santa.

I pulled it out of storage just to make this video for you. (My kids didn't even know we had one. It's been lurking in the basement for about 5 years now. She gave it to us when she got tired of it. And I feel too guilty to give it to D.I. At least we didn't get the singing snowmen, too.)

Make sure you wait till the end to hear the best part -- "Ho ho ho, I love that story. . . . Let's read another one." It gets the little kids every. single. time. You HAVE to do what Santa says.

What's your treat today?

(And if you're related to me, it'd better be your super awesome oldest (and wisest) sister.)


Shem said...

My treat is watching movies at work, because we have nothing else to do 2 days before Christmas.

DailyFamily said...

My treat is the missionaries. I am grateful they choose to teach in my home and bring the spirit with them. What a great Christmas present!

Kate said...

oh you are too nice. remember how your kids l-o-v-e-d this thing, same with the snowmen. With your help, it is finally Christmas.

momtherunner said...

What fun! My dad always got out the candle chime at Christmas...we would sit and watch it for hours. I think it would annoy me now-a-days. Funny how our perspectives change. My treat today is ice melt...a must with treacherous sidewalks!

Farm Girl said...

Ho ho ho, THAT was my treat for today! I can't believe you hide that charming Santa away. And yes, it is 1:00 in the AM and we still aren't packed. Can't wait to see you!

The Hawkins said...

My treat is Brian coming home early and staying home for the rest of the week.

kninsa said...

My treat is hearing people whine nonstop about the snow. Bring on the sleds!!!