Thursday, September 4, 2008

self esteem 101

In Health, the Oldest Carrotstick is learning about Self Esteem. They took a test the other day to evaluate the level of their self esteem. But really, why? Isn't it all subjective? This is Junior High, after all.

Here's a little case study to illustrate my point.

Today was Picture Day at a certain Junior High. Some Junior High Girl, who shall remain nameless, has worried about what she was going to wear and how she was going to do her hair since the first day of school (2 weeks ago). (Traditionally, she wears what she wore on the First Day for Pictures. But, what she wore on the First Day this year might blend in too much with the generic mottled blue school photo background. That won't really matter in the yearbook, because it's all black and white anyway. But how will it look when she exchanges wallet sized photos with her friends?)

Knowing that, how would you grade That Nameless Girl's self esteem?
  • A (excellent -- you have to have a plan)
  • B (average -- everyone does that) OR
  • C (below average -- why is she so worried, it's not that big of a deal.)
Now, let me just tell you: That same Jr. High Student, and I'm not naming any names here, had her picture taken and then asked the photographer to let her see it, even though there were 673 kids waiting in line behind her. Surprisingly, he showed her. Unfortunately, she was not entirely happy with it. She asked him to take it again. Once again, surprisingly, he complied, and showed her the retake. This time it was acceptable.

Now how would you grade Student X's Self Esteem:
  • A (excellent -- way to get what you want)
  • B (average -- everyone does that) OR
  • C (below average -- why is she so worried, it's not that big of a deal)

See what I mean?

It's all relative.

Not to say this nameless girl is related to me.

I would never have to guts to do that. Even if I thought about it.


Amber said...

Way to go oldest carrot stick! Perhaps she should teach assertiveness training in her health/self-esteem class. I would have never dared do that at her age! I hope she feels perfectly satisfied with her photo.

Shem said...

She has more courage than me!

Nanette said...

Wow! She did THAT? I am impressed.
A for excellent--way to get what you want!

Kate said...

that is hilarious! she is very confident!

DailyFamily said...

Wow! I would never have done that. "A". definately.

Liz said...

That is Awesome! You must be doing something right!

Amber said...

Sister Larsen,
Is that you in the most beautiful home queen picture?

the lunch lady said...

Alas, no, dear Trisha. The only people who have ever voted me Most Beautiful are my boys (when they were littler) and of course, PB&J and my dad -- cause all dads think their daughters are the best. ;)

Amy said...

Hats off to the oldest carrot stick! No way I would have dared to do that. Which is probably why I ended up with one of the worst pictures in the history of pictures.