Tuesday, September 2, 2008

trading treats tuesday

A bad storm hit the area yesterday, courtesy of someone named Gustav. When it was finally over, we went outside to survey the damage.

It was quite horrific.

Hail collected in piles alongside the roads. Water gushed and pooled and collected, obstructing streets and byways. Large branches were torn from trees, scattered across yards.

And my front porch was a scene of total devastation.

Strewn across my porch were my precious, carefully tended flowers.

The carnage!

I tried so hard to keep my plants alive this summer. Some years I have boycotted having plants on my porch -- because they end up being just one more thing I have to babysit and take care of. But PB&J bought me three hanging baskets for Mother's (Guilt) Day, and I swore those baskets would feel no neglect, and that they would thrive, THRIVE I tell you, under my care.

And they did. They were doing so well.

That is until the great Labor Day Storm of 2008.

PB&J went out and tried to set things right. And it seems that though quite a few blossoms were lost, and the plants are all bent and leaning in awkward positions, they are, in fact, ok.


So for Trading Treats Tuesday, celebrate with me:

Though Gustav gusted with gusto, My Flowers Survived!

What's your treat today?


Amber said...

My treat? My kids excited for zucchini dinner: zucchini muffins, zucchini meatloaf and zucchini casserole...plus 20 bags of grated zucchini measured out for zucchini muffins in the winter.

The truth is that I ignored my garden and had LOTS of overgrown squash.

I really like that awesome photo of your porch. Nicki wants to steal it as an option to paint.

the lunch lady said...

Tell Nicki if she paints it, I want to see her picture!

Shem said...

My treat is working from home!

Melanie said...

My treat is 3-day weekends to recover from huge wedding fun.

kninsa said...

My treat is a cold northerly breeze -- FINALLY

Amy said...

My treat today..is that I DIDN'T have to get in the pool with the kids today! I was cold enough sitting on the sidelines without adding the extra fun of water in the mix! I can handle having the girls sing party pooper to me..I'll own it. :)