Tuesday, September 23, 2008

trading treats tuesday

"Dating Decisions"

This weeks lovely, inspiring lesson topic for our Young Women.

One met with fear and trepidation by the Young Women Leaders asked to teach it.

Somehow it was very much akin to the dreaded 5th Grade Maturation Program -- except the kids didn't get a fair forewarning.

Things went well, from what I've heard. The Beehives were embarrassed by the whole thing. The Laurels were embarrassed by the whole thing. The MIA Maids, I heard, were very noisy. I don't know for sure what that means. We'll assume lots of good discussion was taking place and that the girls were all committing to be selective with their kisses, and not hand them out like pretzels to every boy that comes asking. Dating is not Trick-or-Treating, ladies.

So what does this have to do with Trading Treats Tuesday?

Only this:

Thank goodness my dear sweet daughter had no idea what Lust is.

That, my friends, is a treat indeed.
Hurray for Innocence. Long may it reign!

And also: a big Hurray for great Young Women Leaders!

What are you celebrating today?


Farm Girl said...

Oh, wow. Don't you know how to have the most fun? I still, distinctly, remember those lessons and let me just say, I would have much rather had the maturation presentation. What is okay at school just seems so wrong to talk about at church. And to this day I don't know what they mean by "nekking" or is it "necking"?

Kate said...

I remember when the Bishop came in to talk about boundaries when dating. He kept talking about "petting". To my young and innocent mind, I thought "why would you pet your boyfriend, he isn't a dog". I'm going to say mom was lucky to have a daughter as naive as me, and now you are just as lucky!
Today I'm celebrating a trip to Joann's and that I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away!

Amber said...

I'm all for blunt. Hurray for YW leaders who teach these lessons! With three girls in YW, that is definitely my treat! Go, ladies go! Since I like double treats, my second is getting my haircut at 4:00.

valmike said...

I'm glad that they learn about things like this in Young Womens from sisters who love them! (Here's my blog so you don't have to stalk me anymore!) -VAL

kninsa said...

Lust? That's easy. It's an awesome show on ABC, that should start its new season sometime in January.

My treat is a new fall season lineup starting this week. Yay! May it grease the wheels of my upcoming raise.

DailyFamily said...

My treat is a really great sister-in-law!

Allyson said...

My treat is the smell of pumpkin pie baking. I love pumpkin pie and cannot for the life of me understand why we don't enjoy it all year long! That being said the recent drop in temperature inspired me to jump into my fall baking and enjoy a large, generously whip creamed, slice of pumpkin yumminess.