Tuesday, September 16, 2008

trading treats tuesday

I have discovered the most wonderful thing.

Although it requires I wear birkenstocks and carry my own reusable and sustainable shopping bags, I have found our city's Farmer's Market.

It wasn't very hard to find. It's just that I finally went.

I don't usually like to be awake in the morning on Saturdays, but the Middle Carrotstick's over-zealous soccer coach has put an end to that. (Sloth. That's a Deadly Sin, you know.)

What wonders have I found at the Farmer's Market? you ask.


in one word,

my treat for today is:


Yes, it is another one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

And when you look at the following picture of Gluttony Incarnate you will know why.


This Asiago Basil Artisan Bread is not just a lovely collection of carbs. It is Gluttony. Especially lightly toasted and spread with butter.

Mmmmmmmm. That's all I can say, with my mouth crammed full of bread. Mmmmm. We originally bought only one loaf. We took it home. Tried it. Ate half of it in 5 minutes. And had to go back and get another one. Or two. (Greed. Another Deadly Sin.)

This Trading Treats Tuesday, may I recommend you get thee to a Farmer's Market and see if, perchance, you can find a loaf of Gluttony of your own to enjoy. 'Cause I don't want to make you guilty of another Deadly Sin -- Envy -- so you'd better get your own. Just don't buy them all, or you might incite my Wrath (another Deadly Sin. I just can't seem to get away from it.)

What Treat are you celebrating today? Go ahead, show a little Pride, and share. Sharing make your Pride less Deadly. Just hold back on your Lusts, if you don't mind. This is a PG-13 blog, after all.

(by the way, don't you love that picture of my Loaf of Gluttony shrouded in plastic wrap? Maybe I should quit my day job and become a bread photographer instead.)


jana said...

Awesome picture!! I can smell it through the screen! Today my treat is...as I am eating my third or fourth...juicy, dripping, perfectly ripe nectarines. Mmmmmm! Also from the Farmer's Market.

Nanette said...

That really is a fine photograph! That bread sounds yummy!
While I read about your delicious bread, I was snacking on my new favorite snack from Trader Joe's: Sweet & Savory Trek Mix which includes blister peanuts, almonds, cashews, craisins, raisins and three kids of chocolate chips Yum!
I think I have sinned.

DailyFamily said...

I had a treat, but then I read Nan's and now I have two.
Treat #1: Sharing your interpretation of Alma 51:22 with a lot of sisters in my ward...it was a very timely interpretation that we all needed.

Treat #2: True North nut snacks at WalMart. So yummy and sort of good for you. My favorite is the almond and peanut mix.

Farm Girl said...

Oh! I have one today! This morning I got my very own security badge for, wait for it...the Smithsonian Institution. And now I am afraid I am little teensy weensy bit guilty of another one of the deadly sins - pride. I confess, I wore it facing out the whole way home.

Allyson said...

I had a yummy treat today - toasted sour dough bread with some Nutella spread on top, yummy! I am so envious(another of the deadly seven)of your tasty looking bread though, and your picture is loverly!

the lunch lady said...

Thanks Eliza -- I mean Allyson. I find myself frequently tempted by Nutella. I have to make myself leave it on the shelf at the grocery store, because if I bought it, it wouldn't remain long on the shelf in my cupboard. So I will envy you and your Nutella from afar.

Jenni said...

My treat tonight is having clean freshly mopped floors. I know that by tomorrow morning they will be messed up again but at least tonight as I go to sleep I will know that my floors are spotless and I will be savoring it while it lasts.

bonnie jack said...

i need to know where the farmer's market is. although, i don't like getting up on saturday mornings either...

my treat today was your darling children. what great kids.

the lunch lady said...

Bonnie -- it's behind the city office building (center and main).

And thank you for being so kind and patient with my kids! You are the best.

miranda said...

I saw the bread there on Saturday but wasn't sure if I should purchase some- now I know. I will be there to get some!

Shem said...

I know I am a day late, but...

My treat yesterday was In-N-Out burger. YUMMY!

Amy said...

My treat lately is..Costco's pepper cracked, parmesan crackers..something to that effect, with about an inch of cream cheese. My scale has forced me to promise I won't buy these for a long while. The bread sounded and looked delicious. I might have to force myself out of bed early this weekend..sounds like I will be fighting a crowd.