Sunday, July 6, 2008

break 10-4

10-4: I'm leaving the Home 20 and hitting the Big Road, takin' a Four Wheeler cross country with the mom and the two of the sisters. I'm leavin' the Better Half and the Ankle Biters at home. We're gonna go through Bright Lights, to the Gateway, and then it's on to Capital City. Hopefully the mom won't be doin' too much driving, 'cause she's happiest only goin' Double Nickles. I'll be doin' the Flip-Flop on Saturday, but takin' a Bird for the Backslide.
But don't worry. If you get bored, while I'm out Standin' on the Fuel Pedal, I've got a few things prepared for you here on the Sack Lunch Conspiracy.

Catch You on the Flip Flop.

(If you need a refresher course in trucker lingo, check here. It's very informative. And it will tell you why you don't want to go casually flinging around the "Good Buddy" phrase next time you're playing with a CB.)

Back Out.
Semi picture originally downloaded by lunacalle66.


Kate said...

sounds good, over.

Amy said...

thanks for the update on the trucker lingo. Now when I watch Ice Road truckers, I might understand what they are saying! I hope you have a great trip. Thanks for the entertaining blogs.